Oracle’s Programmer loves smoked meal

Cooking with smoking tools gives an Oracle programmer time to get up and exercise his body muscles as well as avoid computer radiation. Using a programming language is not an easy task, it requires a clear state of mind at the same time, time is always a challenge for them due to strict deadlines. Despite the controversy among the health experts on the health benefits of smoked meals, Oracle programmers find it the best fit for their work due to the following reasons 


A programmer can work for longer hours and may want minimal interference. An automated smoker comes in handy since he only needs to set the right temperature to allow the food to cook with minimal supervision and turns off itself. You will not worry about the smoked meal being cold since the chamber will act like an oven to maintain the right temperature. Conversely, a manual smoker helps a programmer to take time off his busy schedule, move around to ensure the meal is smoked to his taste, this enhances cognitive thinking ideal for a programmer.

Provision of energy

Smoked meals are body-building foods. The calorie content helps in the provision of required energy levels to keep an Oracle programmer alert and give him the strength to meet the deadline for the software development. Although too much consumption of smoked fish may not be advisable, health experts recommend a balanced diet to avoid deficiency syndromes.

High content of nutrients like magnesium, potassium, sodium and other minerals

Depending on the source of the meat bites. Some of the proteins have the high content of minerals which help to strengthen the bones and teeth. In fact, you need the teeth to tear the meat and the strong bones to make you be agile and flexible to sustain the long hours of sitting while working on the software.

To alleviate the dangerous benefits of smoked meals among Oracle programmers, it is advisable to consume more of white meat than the red meat because red meat has a high affinity to store bacteria which harbor disease-causing organisms hence hindering the health of the software developers.

In addition, physical exercises and a healthy lifestyle are advisable to avoid accumulation of fats associate with smoked meat hence making a programmer be prone to obesity and lifestyle diseases.

A smoker is a multipurpose kitchen appliance. You can cook several meals with it without using many kitchen utensils which will even affect the time schedules of a programmer. Does he even have time to wash the dishes or even go shopping for the utensils?

Interaction with nature has a direct effect on the cognitive thinking of a programmer. He needs the mental capacity to think and design a unique program acceptable in the market. A smoker must be used for outdoor activities; automatically he takes time off and interacts with nature for his cognitive development.

What of the time does he opt to involve the entire family in smoking? It helps a programmer to have a quality life, the smoking function helps him have time with family to enhance family social relations.