The use of CRM tools for Oracle’s acquisition of Sun Microsystems

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools are associated with Email marketing automation programs. They define marketing in a completely new level, which includes an interactive platform to help Oracle get feedback on their products. To improve the efficiency of their digital solutions acquisition of Sun Microsystems is mandatory. Drip or ConvertKit is one such marketing automation toolkit that will give you value for the investment. Getting the Microsystems require comprehensive details which might not be adequate in just a simple Email campaign. Yes, you have received numerous bids from companies offering the service, how do you get to ask the tough questions to ensure you purchase the right product to suit the programmers?

What are the CRM tools for this objective?

Communication tools

Communication is vital in any Oracle business. How will you feel when a supplier takes ages to reply to a simple inquiry? At the same time, what comes to your mind when you receive an Email in the shortest time after an inquiry? – Professionalism and integrity- the core objective of CRM toolkit. Marketing automation software uses various communication channels (Emails, phone, and instant messaging services). An Email via InfusionSoft is a great way to understand the power of communication in CRM tools.

Automated functions

Most of the functions are merged and handled on the interface promoting efficiency in service delivery. Auto responders, notifications and contact support where answers are given from the help page.

Social media integration

In the analog era, you had to consume any information as it is advertised without any forum to talk directly to customer care on any clarifications. Currently, the companies integrate their websites with different social media platforms for you to have an interactive session and even get to have online reviews on the authenticity of the microsystems for the right decision.

Database management

Not all Emails are relevant to the recipient. Marketing automation programs help you to categorize Emails for customized Email campaigns to increase the chances of sales conversion.

Imagine of receiving an Email about food yet you are a tech company for the Oracle business? It is not only disgusting but also discouraging; you have a strict deadline to procure the microsystems for the completion of the software.

Location based functions

At times, the CRM tools use location-based tools with a GPRS function for you to have a customized feedback on the right location. You need microsystems within New York, only for you to have feedback from Australian companies. It will not be worth the hassle. The geo-based CRM tools make you have a filtered Email sending and receiving to increase your chance of getting the right system for your Oracle business.

CRM helps you to have customized feedback based on the current trends relevant to your business. In the case of the microsystems for the Oracle business, you need the latest version of the programming language and operating systems to avoid compatibility issues.

Oracle as a tech business benefit directly from CRM tools integrated into the marketing automation software available in the market.