Programmer’s Coffee Daily

There’s no denying that the single greatest difference which sets life in the 21st century apart from the conditions of the centuries prior is the proliferation of technology. While technology in some sense has always been around since the industrial revolution, it’s only recently that prices of useful machines have gone down to the extent that almost everyone can afford to buy them. Previously, the term technology was synonymous with analog machines like geezers, toasters, and microwaves. However, today’s technology mostly consists of smart devices which are controlled by integrated circuits, with the previous machines now commonly referred to appliances.

There are several examples of smart devices that we come across in out daily life. Laptops, phones, some high-end televisions, all feature digital circuits that classify them as computing devices. What all of them have in common is that they are all essentially computers. They store and process information in digital form, which is in terms of 1’s and 0’s. They can only process information in digital form because that’s how transistors work. Transistors are the building blocks of the integrated circuits of these smart devices. Each of them can be either be in a state of on or off i.e. 1 or 0.  
Computers, while good and calculations and data manipulation, aren’t nearly as impressive when it comes figuring out how to do something. They need to be told beforehand, in exact terms, which process to follow to solve a particular type of problem. This work of creating instructions for a computer to follow is performed by a programmer.

Programmers are specially trained software engineers who are experts at configuring computers. They create applications which find use among many diverse groups of people. Schools, businesses, and casual users all depend on the work of programmers to enrich their digital lives. Basically, anywhere where a computer is needed, the work of a programmer is needed as well.

Programmers write instructions for computers in something called a programming language. A programming language is specifically designed to be clear and unambiguous. There is no scope for misinterpreting the statements written in a programming language. This ensures that the computer following the instructions has a predictable behavior.

Writing code is not as easy as writing English. Programming is a very technical field with several subtle nuances that must be taken care of at all times. It’s pretty clear that programmers have a very tough job. Add tight deadlines to that and you can begin to understand how stressed out professionals working in the software industry can feel. The best way to manage this stress and keep energy levels high is by drinking coffee.

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks because, in addition to being tasty, it also has useful effects. The caffeine content of coffee helps a person to immediately feel awake, regardless of how many hours they slept the night before. This is why programmers like to start their day with a nice cup of hot coffee. It’s stimulating effects also make it ideal to drink at night, if you need to get a lot of work done at that time, without feeling sleepy.

The most convenient way of making coffee is through the use of a coffee machine. Finding a good one that suits your needs and budget is as easy as looking at some machinery reviews online. All things considered, however, coffee machines are best from Jura brand. Their machines are robust, affordable and have most of the features that a programmer needs.

Wood Crafts Of A Programmer

After the advent of the internet, the digital landscape has blown up. Robust and useful applications have been a huge driving force behind the sales of computers and mobile devices. Computers haven’t always been this popular. In earlier days, they were only used by professionals and academics to complete niche calculation workloads. Today, however, the widespread appeal of computing devices is undeniable. The internet has changed the digital landscape forever. Of course, a multifold increase in the number of users requisites a similar increase in the number of programmers. The software industry is currently very lucrative since there is a demand for a large number of talented programmers which isn’t being fulfilled.

Most people hold the misconception that programmers are only good at working with computers. They also believe that they are lacking in skill and talent in other parts of their life. This, of course, is blatantly false. Programmers are working professionals who need to have some degree of knowledge in many different fields to excel at what they do. As such programmers cultivate several different talents and hobbies to boost their all-around development. A lot of programmers are now choosing to take up wood crafts.

Woodcrafts is a fun and useful hobby to have. Not only is it satisfying to see your wooden creations come to life, but it’s also very productive as well. Woodcrafts as a hobby have two-fold benefits: you get to enjoy the experience of making something and then up with an object such as a chair which you can use in your daily life as well. Programmers are well-suited to work with wood since they already have a number of skills which woodwork requires. For example, their critical thinking ability is very good which can help them to figure how should pieces of wood be cut and nailed or glued together. Even their ability to imagine objects in 3D space is advanced. This helps them in keeping a mental map of how the final product should look while it’s being built.

Working with wood requires some strong and sturdy tools to do. Standard objects like scissors and paper knives are far too weak and can’t cut woods. One needs a number of crafts’ tools and equipment to start working with wood. While a manually powered saw such as a hacksaw would serve fine, it’s even better to work with a power tool such as a table saw. Though power tools require more care and precision while operating, they are capable of getting the job done much faster.

Related to woodwork, programmers also learn other ways of improving and renovating a home. For example, they also know how to leave a smooth finish on your walls using Sanders. Some even learn a few tricks of plumbing. The bottom line is that they can figure out how to solve almost any type of issue.

This shouldn’t be very surprising considering that the best programmers are software engineers and as engineers, they are very knowledgeable in the field of solving practical problems. Their natural ability in working with wood is a manifestation of this problem-solving ability.

Californian Youngest Male Table Tennis Player Worked At Sun Microsystem

Ping pong is a relatively new sport, compared to the age-old giants like cricket, baseball, and soccer. It was only recently, in 1988 when the sport was added to the roster of competitions of the Olympics. Being a new sport, there’s much left to experiment in terms of effective strategies and techniques that can be used to gain an upper-hand in the game. Of course, raw skill and talent are required as well to be successful at ping pong, perhaps more so than other sports. Playing ping pong at a competitive level requires a high degree of concentration and dedication. Games of ping pong played between two professional players progress at a rapid rate, with the ball whizzing between the two sides of the table multiple times in just a few moments.

Given the skill and tenacity that’s required to play ping pong at a competitive level, it’s even more amazing that Kanak Jha is one of the best players in the USA, at the young age of only 16. In fact, he was the first athlete born after the year 2000 to qualify for the 2016 Rio Olympics. The boy prodigy grew up with his family in California, near San Jose. Though in his early childhood he played more football than table tennis, he developed more interest in the latter later on. A big reason for his shift of focus towards table tennis was that his sister, Prachi, was already a good player and he would play with her. His experience with soccer early on gave him superior hand-eye co-ordination and good footwork. Even at his young age, it was clear that he had a knack for the game.

As a junior table tennis player, he achieved far more than any other player of the sport ever had at his age. At just the tender age of 13, he participated in every category of the American Nationals. One would assume that players older than him would have a clear advantage and defeat him, however, Kanak emerged victorious in almost every category. He won gold in the under-15, under-18 and under-21 championships. He even made it all the way to the semi-finals of the men’s singles: a first-time feat in the history of American table tennis. Out of the 28 matches, he took part in, he lost only once.

In spite of his talent and capability, Kanak would not have been able to strike out as one of the best players of ping pong without the support of his parents. Training for any athletic event takes not only a lot of dedication but also a lot of funds. It can cost $60 to $70 just to train for one hour. Multiply that by the 12-14 hours that athletes need to train for in a week and you can imagine the financial burden on Kanak’s father. Thankfully, Kanak’s father, Arun, is an employee of Sun Microsystems, a software company in California with a global presence. Like most reputed software companies in Silicon Valley, Sun Microsystems pays its software engineers, such as Arun, well. Having a good salary enabled Arun to invest in Kanak’s future as a rising ping pong star.

The use of CRM tools for Oracle’s acquisition of Sun Microsystems

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools are associated with Email marketing automation programs. They define marketing in a completely new level, which includes an interactive platform to help Oracle get feedback on their products. To improve the efficiency of their digital solutions acquisition of Sun Microsystems is mandatory. Drip or ConvertKit is one such marketing automation toolkit that will give you value for the investment. Getting the Microsystems require comprehensive details which might not be adequate in just a simple Email campaign. Yes, you have received numerous bids from companies offering the service, how do you get to ask the tough questions to ensure you purchase the right product to suit the programmers?

What are the CRM tools for this objective?

Communication tools

Communication is vital in any Oracle business. How will you feel when a supplier takes ages to reply to a simple inquiry? At the same time, what comes to your mind when you receive an Email in the shortest time after an inquiry? – Professionalism and integrity- the core objective of CRM toolkit. Marketing automation software uses various communication channels (Emails, phone, and instant messaging services). An Email via InfusionSoft is a great way to understand the power of communication in CRM tools.

Automated functions

Most of the functions are merged and handled on the interface promoting efficiency in service delivery. Auto responders, notifications and contact support where answers are given from the help page.

Social media integration

In the analog era, you had to consume any information as it is advertised without any forum to talk directly to customer care on any clarifications. Currently, the companies integrate their websites with different social media platforms for you to have an interactive session and even get to have online reviews on the authenticity of the microsystems for the right decision.

Database management

Not all Emails are relevant to the recipient. Marketing automation programs help you to categorize Emails for customized Email campaigns to increase the chances of sales conversion.

Imagine of receiving an Email about food yet you are a tech company for the Oracle business? It is not only disgusting but also discouraging; you have a strict deadline to procure the microsystems for the completion of the software.

Location based functions

At times, the CRM tools use location-based tools with a GPRS function for you to have a customized feedback on the right location. You need microsystems within New York, only for you to have feedback from Australian companies. It will not be worth the hassle. The geo-based CRM tools make you have a filtered Email sending and receiving to increase your chance of getting the right system for your Oracle business.

CRM helps you to have customized feedback based on the current trends relevant to your business. In the case of the microsystems for the Oracle business, you need the latest version of the programming language and operating systems to avoid compatibility issues.

Oracle as a tech business benefit directly from CRM tools integrated into the marketing automation software available in the market.


Oracle’s Programmer loves smoked meal

Cooking with smoking tools gives an Oracle programmer time to get up and exercise his body muscles as well as avoid computer radiation. Using a programming language is not an easy task, it requires a clear state of mind at the same time, time is always a challenge for them due to strict deadlines. Despite the controversy among the health experts on the health benefits of smoked meals, Oracle programmers find it the best fit for their work due to the following reasons 


A programmer can work for longer hours and may want minimal interference. An automated smoker comes in handy since he only needs to set the right temperature to allow the food to cook with minimal supervision and turns off itself. You will not worry about the smoked meal being cold since the chamber will act like an oven to maintain the right temperature. Conversely, a manual smoker helps a programmer to take time off his busy schedule, move around to ensure the meal is smoked to his taste, this enhances cognitive thinking ideal for a programmer.

Provision of energy

Smoked meals are body-building foods. The calorie content helps in the provision of required energy levels to keep an Oracle programmer alert and give him the strength to meet the deadline for the software development. Although too much consumption of smoked fish may not be advisable, health experts recommend a balanced diet to avoid deficiency syndromes.

High content of nutrients like magnesium, potassium, sodium and other minerals

Depending on the source of the meat bites. Some of the proteins have the high content of minerals which help to strengthen the bones and teeth. In fact, you need the teeth to tear the meat and the strong bones to make you be agile and flexible to sustain the long hours of sitting while working on the software.

To alleviate the dangerous benefits of smoked meals among Oracle programmers, it is advisable to consume more of white meat than the red meat because red meat has a high affinity to store bacteria which harbor disease-causing organisms hence hindering the health of the software developers.

In addition, physical exercises and a healthy lifestyle are advisable to avoid accumulation of fats associate with smoked meat hence making a programmer be prone to obesity and lifestyle diseases.

A smoker is a multipurpose kitchen appliance. You can cook several meals with it without using many kitchen utensils which will even affect the time schedules of a programmer. Does he even have time to wash the dishes or even go shopping for the utensils?

Interaction with nature has a direct effect on the cognitive thinking of a programmer. He needs the mental capacity to think and design a unique program acceptable in the market. A smoker must be used for outdoor activities; automatically he takes time off and interacts with nature for his cognitive development.

What of the time does he opt to involve the entire family in smoking? It helps a programmer to have a quality life, the smoking function helps him have time with family to enhance family social relations.